Thursday, May 1, 2008

Max Romeo and the Upsetters

I've really been digging this song lately, so I figured I would post it. The group is Max Romeo and the Upsetters and the tune is called "I Chase the Devil." The rhythm section locks in from the beginning giving the song a nice head bobbing vibe. Dig It:

As another treat, I cam across some live footage with some great sound quality.

...and some info on the life of Romeo.
He spent his youth digging ditches and working on a sugar plantation, until age 18 when he won a talent contest (as a singer) and decided to move to Kingstown. In 1966, Romeo joined a group called the Emotions, and in 1968, he gained enough confidence to strike out on his own. That same year, he even had a few singles chart in the top 10 in Britain. In 1970, Romeo began a recording studio which failed quickly. After this, he began to record mostly religious songs, however, in 1972, he got together with famous producer Lee Perry and his Upsetters to record his biggest hit "Chase the Devil." The rest is history.

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