Sunday, March 23, 2008

Don't Worry, I'm Still Alive!!!

I know I have been saying that regular posts will be coming soon, but I am still with various activities although I have gotten a new computer since my last post. This post will reflect my recent musical tastes as lately I have been listening to a lot of Blue Note Material from the late 60's and early 70's. I encourage you all to check some of this out. There is an excellent compilation called Blue Funk which gives some basic groovers from the era. Below are a few of the artists that I have really been hot on recently. If you dig it, I encourage you to look into names such as Grant Green, Idris Muhammad, Lonnie Smith, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Smith, just to name a few. If you dig any of this material, you should check out the newest Blue Note comp, Droppin' Science. Not only does this include rare songs by many of the above artists, but a lot of these songs are recognizable as they are featured on popular hip hop cuts.

Jimmy McGriff:

Both of these cuts are featured on McGriff's funky 1969 outing Electric Funk. The above cut is Spear for Moondog Pt. 1 and below is the Bird Wave.

Lou Donaldson:

This cut is called Everything I Play is Funky (From Now On) and is featured on Donaldson's 1970 album of the same name. Featuring the playing of Idris Muhammad on drums, Melvin Sparks on guitar, Blue Mitchell on trumpet, and Lonnie Smith on hammond, this record is literally an allstar soul jazz group.

Idris Muhammad:

Known as the funky drummer of jazz, Muhammad is the featured drummer on many blue note rare grooves sessions. Although the record Power of Soul is from the 1974, it is one of Muhammad's most highly acclaimed recordings. The above cut is Piece of Mind and below is Loran's Dance.

Grant Green:

Last but not least is Grant Green, one of the kings of blue note funk. From straight up standards to blaxploitation soundtracks, Green does them all in his own unique and funky way. Throughout the late 60s and early 70s, Green was known for his funky output which included originals and various covers of popular funk tunes such as Jan Jan (featured above) originally by the Fabulous Counts. In addition, most of the tracks featured here also include the drumming of Idris Muhammad. For a nice introduction to Grant Green's work, I recommend the compilation Blue Break Beats .

This cut, Down Here on the Ground, is from the album Alive! It is featured on Droppin' Science and was sampled by A Tribe Called Quest.

I have to include this one as it is an amazing cover of Mozart!!!

These last two cuts are featured on the rare and funky album called Carryin' On. If you ever see this album, you should buy it immediately. Hopefully it will be reissued sometime soon on CD making it more accessible. The above cut is called Cease the Bombing. Below is a cover of the Meters track Ease Back. It is one of my favorite Grant Green cuts and it is featured on both Blue Funk and Blue Break Beats.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

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