Monday, February 18, 2008

The Parliameters with Some Kimocks on the Side

Although this post is devoted to a band that only played one gig (February 9, 2007), their greatness should not be underestimated. I came across this recording sometime in November and I have been jamming it ever since. From the musicians involved, to the setlist, everything about it is fantastic. Below is a recording of the occasion that you can jam to your heart's content. It is also available for download so you can put it on your IPOD or burn it onto a CD...all I ask is that you play it loud. You're welcome.

Below is the List of tunes that the band plays during the show:

1. Red Hot Mama
2. You're The One
3. Many Rivers To Cross
4. She Said
5. Cissy Got The Blues
6. Merle's Boogie
7. Whiter Shade Of Pale
8. Take A Chance>Just Kissed My Baby>Funkify Your Life

The band playing on this show is credited as Steve Kimock and Friends, but that title does not do enough justice. This group is a funk power house as a result of the veteran funkateers who play with Kimock. On bass is George Porter Jr., of The Meters. He has also recorded various solo albums. If you haven't heard it, I would highly recommend checking out It's Life, Porter's latest solo endeavor. You should especially check this album out if you are a fan of the tune "She Said," as it appears on this one. Also, if you are not familiar with The Meters, it is essential that you check out this album immediately. The band also includes Bernie Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic and Talking Heads fame on organ. If you just can't get enough of his funky keys, check this album out. Worrell's sound on this one is a little different than they what you are hearing here, but his work on "Mothership Connection" is still classic. Rounding out the rhythm section is Steve Kimock's son John Morgan Kimock. He's only 17!!!

This is a clip filmed at the show of Steve laying it down for us. Steve might be ripping, but a brief look around confirms that George and Bernie are there too.

This video of a John Morgan is a testament to his greatness. You couldn't see him in the last video so I posted this one because he is amazing. There's also another little treat at the end of this one as we get to see the beginning of what turns out to be a killer George Porter Jr. bass solo.

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Jonathan said...

Cissy Got The Blues is amazing. Has to be one of the most covered songs of all time.